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Billy Falcon

Singer-songwriter Billy Falcon grew up in Rosedale, Queens. He signed his first record contract with a major label at age 18. His song, “Heaven’s Highest Hill,” from 1991’s critically acclaimed Pretty Blue World album was a Top 40 hit. Billy has also co-written over 50 songs recorded by Bon Jovi, including “Just Older,” “Last Man Standing,” “Everybody’s Broken,” “When We Were Beautiful,” “Superman Tonight,” and “This House is Not For Sale.” Other artists that have cut Billy's songs include Stevie Nicks, Faith Hill, and Meat Loaf.

In addition to producing, writing, and making movies, Billy is currently working on a new faith based record with new group F+B+I. They've recently released “All We Need Is Love,” the first single and video from their album due out summer 2020. 


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