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John Cody

A formidable songwriter, arranger, co-author, music director and multi-talented musician playing 13 different instruments on his album Hard Won. Cody has written with Keith Urban, Christopher Ward ("Black Velvet"), and John Capek ("Rhythm of My Heart"), as well as co-writing GRAMMY-winner Bonnie Raitt's Fundamental and Holly Cole's Dark, Dear Heart. Cody is also credited with providing background vocals on Tom Cochrane's Mad Mad World. Working as music director from 1998 to 2004 for the legendary Les Deux Cafés in Los Angeles, Cody performed in the presence of Sting, Robbie Robertson and Prince with artists Joni Mitchell, Grace Jones and Boy George. Previous works of Cody's include critically-acclaimed, Canadian-releases, Painful Righteous Bliss (2012), Darkness Visible (1996) and Zelig Belmondo (1993).


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