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Leisure Cruise

Canadian-born musician-arranger-composer Dave Hodge and New York singer-songwriter Leah Siegel form the electroop duo Leisure Cruise. Hodge and Siegel see Leisure Cruise as the product of two musical soul mates meeting at just the right moment in their careers to truly savour it. Imagine the music of a John Hughes film if it had been written by Bowie, remixed by Johnny Jewel, and fronted by a female Prince, and you’ll get a sense of Leisure Cruise’s sound. Rounding out the sound on their debut album is an impressive roster of guests (Metric’s Jimmy Shaw, Blondie’s Tommy Kessler, Liam O’Neil from the Stills, Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene, and Drake’s Adrian Eccleston). It’s at once dark and light, serious and fun, melancholic and euphoric.


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