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Eagle When She Flies

José Feliciano

Drink Along Song

Gord Bamford


Sam Smith

Diamonds Diamonds

Kim Mitchell

Unrivalled service underpinned by leading-edge tech

Anthem Entertainment offers film and television creators and rights holders an unmatched suite of services, underpinned by a leading-edge proprietary technology platform, to support and enhance their core focus of creating and distributing great content.

Delivering content and services spanning audiovisual secondary rights, music publishing, music licensing, production music, audiovisual secondary rights, and digital monetization and rights management, among others, we provide you with an efficient and focused experience to support all of your ancillary needs.

With clients and partners ranging from small independent producers to major studios and broadcasters, at Anthem we’re positioned to provide a solution that is tailored specifically to you.

Audiovisual Rights

With more than 500,000 works under its direct management, Compact Media is the world’s largest independent Film and Television audio visual secondary rights management company, trusted by more than 850 clients globally. Their superior service and income collections for creative talent is underpinned by proprietary technology and supported by industry-leading data and analytics.

Music Publishing

As a full-service music publisher, we’ve built a global royalty collection platform to maximize your collections and support your creativity.

Production Music

Bolstering a combined music library of over 750,000 songs across 3 distinct brands for licensing, Jingle Punks, 5 Alarm, and Cavendish also offer bespoke music and creative music marketing services to clients across all media.

Sync + Licensing

Anthem Sync & Licensing gives our artists the spotlight across the film, TV, advertising, trailer, and video game communities.

Digital Services

Anthem equips creators with a wide range of digital services to distribute, monetize, and protect intellectual property content online, across any platform.

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